Assessment & Identify Business Problems

We use our expertise and your organization's intrinsic knowledge to identify your organization’s best opportunities beginning with the ones that will generate the highest ROI using a Big Data implementation and analytics. Our vendor-agnostic practitioners mute out vendor noise so we can help you make objective technology decisions and create the most effective roadmap, architecture, and plan.

Roadmap & Strategy

Our delivery team will work with your stakeholders to develop roadmap that aligns with your business goals. Our proven Big Data roadmap development services will combine your enterprise business objectives with your data assets and analytics requirements to achieve a data-driven decision making organization.

Implementation / Proof of Concept / Pilot

Our delivery teamworks with your team and stakeholders to design, develop, test, and deploy Big Data applications using our proven implementation methodologies. A typical team will consist of experienced data scientists and software engineers specialized in technologies such as Hadoop, Hive, Pig, Relational, NoSQL, etc., as well as targeted practitioners experienced with Big Data Best practices.

Show Business Value, Quickly & Iteratively

Our team focuses on deriving value from the data and generating business insights quickly and iteratively. Our lean SDLC and agile methodology allows our stake holders to turn insights into actions within days instead of months.