Jay Hollywood

Co-founder & Creative Director

Jay enjoys design more than Mexican food. He's passionate about great user experiences and exploring new ways to deliver better outcomes. You may catch him reading about startups or watching reruns of The Sopranos.


Karen Hollywood

Co-founder & Manager

Lover of a good meme, Karen fancies both design and front-end development. She is an avid basketballer, runner and exercise junkie. Crocheting with a cup of tea in front of the telly? Yep you'll find her doing that, too.


Lee Karolczak

Development Lead

Lee is passionate about web development, has an appetite for luncheon meats and makes smart investments in fine ice-cream. In his spare time Lee utilises his creative talents building web games, experimenting with digital art and playing ultimate frisbee.


Paul Spencer

Design & Front-end Development

Paul is obsessed with UI and enamoured by the evolution of front end development. If left unattended, he'll beautiful mind that code all over your windows. In his spare time, Paul can be found performing in musicals, folding origami dinosaurs, drawing comic books or singing karaoke.